Sam's Spoons Foundation: The Mission

Hi, I'm Sam and that's my mom supporting me in my journey to wellness! I'm grateful my parents could afford to pay for my Lyme Disease and Co-Infection treatments, but I know there can be financial road blocks to getting well. Thankfully my family and our Lyme Warrior friends have created this foundation so we can help other families beat Lyme Disease with financial assistance. 

Donate to the Cause

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PESKYS has a new product called the Warrior Tee- an insect repellent shirt that comes in long-sleeve and short-sleeve. With the purchase of each of these shirts, we are donating 10% of the sales price to Sam's Spoons!

You can get your shirt here:

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How We are Helping Children

Sam's Spoons works with different sponsors to secure permethrin treated socks, which are distributed to children in area schools. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific grade level of a school district, contact us for more information.

From a teacher/parent and daughter: 

Lyme disease can ruin your entire summer and your life, so it’s important that we do everything we can to prevent it. 

From Sam's Spoons: 

I want to provide lots of fun, outdoor activities for my child. I appreciate that the school district also provides those opportunities for her, but I worry constantly about the ticks and Lyme disease.  

It gave me peace of mind to know that my child had the tick socks to help protect her.  

These socks allowed students to enjoy the wilderness with less worry on the parents’ end! 


"I See You"

Check out our video called "I See You" that recognizes people with Invisible Illness.